Texas Wind Energy Clearinghouse
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The Texas Wind Energy Clearinghouse is a membership organization representing the diverse range of stakeholders in the world’s most intensive wind energy development state.  The Clearinghouse serves as an information exchange for landowner issues, industrial development, workforce recruitment & skills development, community economic development, wind energy operations recruitment & enhancement, and many other topics.

Texas continues leads the Western Hemisphere in wind energy operations with more than 20,000 megawatts (MW) – 20 gigawatts (GW) – installed across the state as of late 2016, and more than 12,000 MW under construction -- a wind energy leadership that would rank among the top 5 nations globally.  With wind operations that outpace four continents combined, Texas is the most intensive wind energy development region in the Western Hemisphere, and one of the Top Three most intensive development regions in the world, a leadership role that will intensify with the Congressional extension of wind energy development incentives and continuing expansions in the Texas transmission network. High voltage transmission investment in Texas for renewable energy has been roughly $9 Billion since 2011.

Texas also leads the United States as a transit hub for major wind components through the Lone Star State’s deepwater ports, highway transportation network, and central position in the Nation’s railroad system.  Texas industry manufactures crucial components in the international wind energy industry, including carbon fiber, massive steel components, electronics, motors, composite blades, towers, and more.

Texas is home to more highly skilled wind energy workers than any other region in the Western Hemisphere and has an increasing number of tailored industrial training programs to grow the workforce and enhance skills of current workers.
   Information and map were created by the American Wind Energy Association.  For more detailed information about USA wind energy sector, please visit www.awea.org.
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